The Edge AI platform for Computer Vision

The hardware and software solution to manage Artificial Intelligence on your cameras and IoT devices. With ubiquitous you develop and install your Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Vision applications on your company’s cameras in just a few minutes.

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Bring Artificial Intelligence to your cameras with a click

You give your company eyes and brains with artificial intelligence and computer vision. Thanks to our platform, you can manage any number of AI applications and devices with a few simple steps.


A framework that allows you to manage your IP and Edge cameras remotely. This way, you will always have complete control of your devices.


An intelligent dashboard that allows you to install, update, and monitor your Computer Vision and AI solutions on your Edge devices remotely.


Our smart camera is perfectly integrated into the ecosystem. A simple configuration step will be enough to make it immediately ready for use.

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Automate your business with Computer Vision

Images and videos produced by your cameras require active monitoring. With Artificial Intelligence, you can automatically identify objects and anomalies, extract texts or codes, monitor access to limited areas, and much more!​

Detecting defective products​

With smart cameras you can recognize defects or anomalies on your products during production.

Real-time monitoring and surveillance

With artificial intelligence you can monitor what is happening in real time by tracking objects and movements.

Automatic production control

Monitor production by categorizing products and monitoring the congestion status of the production line.

Active crop monitoring

Edge AI helps you optimize the efficiency of your crops through active and intelligent monitoring.

How it works

Effortlessly monitor deployments using personalized dashboards, update applications with just a few clicks, and troubleshoot issues via remote access to systems and applications — all through the streamlined interface of ubidash.

The sectors in which we operate

Our Edge AI platform is tailored for continuous, real-time solutions. By managing data close to its source, we can help you develop energy-efficient solutions and maintain the security of sensitive camera data.

Smart Industries

Edge AI streamlines manufacturing processes with real-time data and enhances retail through personalized customer experiences and intelligent analytics.

Smart Cities

In smart cities, Edge AI processes real-time data, optimizing services and enhancing overall urban functionality for increased efficiency, connectivity and livability.

Smart Agricolture

Utilizing IoT sensors and data analytics supports the optimization of farming practices, leading to improved resource efficiency and sustainable growth in crop yields.

Renewable Energy

Edge AI boosts the energy sector by enabling real-time monitoring, optimizing grids, forecasting renewable energy, improving security, and enhancing asset management.

About us


Ubiquitous is a pre-seed startup that comes to life from the research laboratories of Sapienza University of Rome. We develop innovative and scalable green-Edge AI solutions.


Our mission is to simplify the lifecycle management of Green Edge AI solutions, making people's lives easier and making AI applications more pervasive.

Research & Innovation

Our products are the result of years of R&D which has allowed us to develop profound expertise and contribute to the advancement of state-of-the-art technologies.

Our Team

Our team brings together experience in Edge Computing and AI applied to Computer Vision. This combination allows us to support you in developing any Edge AI solution.

Gabriele Proietti Mattia, PhD

CEO & Co-founder

He has expertise in designing decentralized scheduling and load balancing algorithms in Edge and Fog Computing environments.

Luca Maiano, PhD

CTO & Co-founder

Expert in Computer Vision and AI, he has gained profound experience in the field first as a Data Scientist and then as a researcher.

Roberto Beraldi, PhD

R&D & Co-Founder

Associate Professor with more than 20 years of expertise in distributed systems and distributed scheduling in Edge and Fog Computing environments.

Irene Amerini, PhD

R&D & Co-Founder

Associate Professor with more than 10 year of experience in Computer Vision and AI, as well as Deep Neural Networks and Media Forensics.

Develop the Computer Vision solution for your company

We can assist you in developing and integrating any Computer Vision and Edge AI solution. Our support ranges from creating a proof of concept to industrialization on various devices.

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